Bar Accessories

Bartender Tote Set

This Bartending Tote collection is ideal for students, traveling mixologist and catering services, and makes a great gift for those starting out in the bar industry. Comes complete in a nylon carrying tote

  • A 28oz weighted shaker
    • The weighted base on the tin is helpful for those interested in flare bartending (the weighted base will help it fall properly) or for stirring with one hand (as the base helps it stand a little firmer on the work surface).
  • 4 prong strainer
    • This elegant Four Prong Stainless Steel Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer sure has an attractive shape. This classic and appealing design is a favorite of master mixologists everywhere.
    • A friend of every bartender, these bar accessories are most commonly used with standard shaker tins and mixing glasses to strain out ice from your cocktail when pouring into a glass, giving you an even liquid flow. Constructed from reflective stainless steel, they’re made to be used by bartenders of all levels.
  • 18oz weighted shaker
    • Small Weighted base on the tin is helpfulfor those interested in flair bartending ( good for mixing small amount of orders and ingredients).
  • .75oz x 1.25oz jigger
    • Jiggers are important for every bar to keep on hand, and bar managers and owners love having their staff use them for inventory control. Professional mixologists also understand how important accurate measure is when mixing ingredients in cocktails and highballs. Made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. Standard sizes are included here, and each feature two measuring amounts.
  • Red knob bar spoon
    • These uniquely designed Red knob bar spoon are attractive, versatile, and extremely durable. The long handle allows for perfect mixing in glasses and pitchers. The single piece of solid steel is polished to perfection, with a specially designed blunt spoon tip that measures a level teaspoon.
  • V-Rod Bottle Opener
    • One of those tools a bartender can’t live without! Our standard Speed Bottle Openers (or otherwise referred to as Mamba’s) are a staple in every bartenders back pocket. Speed Openers offer you the ability to work your magic behind the bar at a quick and productive pace. The flat, simple design is intended to not only open beer bottles lightning fast, but it also offers quick access capabilities. Many bartenders keep these popular bartending bottle openers accessible in their back pockets or with other bottle opener accessories ( from barproducts ).
  • 10oz ice scoop
    • An ice scoop is very important. Always stab the scoop into the ice handle-up so that you're only touching the handle. Never underestimate the power of ice. It's the second thing you need when making a cocktail or just simply adding it to drinks on the rock. It's needed to melt the necessary water into the drink as well as keep it cold. The ice needs to be extremely clean at all times (preferably made from filtered water).
  • 6 stainless steel liquor pourers
  • corkscrew
    • This  waiter's style corkscrew feels cheap in your hand, and is rough at the edges. The large knife cuts through foil well, but the coil is quite short compared to the other corkscrews I tried, so it doesn't go very deep into the corks, and that makes it a bit trickier to get the lever to rest on the lip of the bottle.
    • also called the waiters best friend.
  • Tote bag
    • Made from top quality, heavy duty nylon
    • Fits our popular bartender kit!
    • Color black


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