Party supplies

Disposable 1 oz. Shot Glasses

Clear Plastic Shot Glasses. Disposable.

Choose 50 count sleeve or 2500 count case.

Here’s something that goes down nice ‘n easy; these 1 oz plastic shot glasses will save you time and money. Plastic disposable shot glasses make for less dishes, easy clean up and sanitary shots. Plus, they won’t break and they’re great to give out as back up drink tokens.( from kegworks ).

Get the party started at your bar or restaurant with disposable shot glasses for your bar! We carry all the trendy styles including Fineline Quenchers, Disposabomb, and Solo souffle cup / shot glasses. These sample-sized shot glasses are perfect for popular bar drinks and bite-sized dessert shooters. ( from webstaurantstore )

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The exact origin of the term shot glass is unclear. There is a record of its first appearance in print (New York Times, 1940s), but there are various accounts of its initial use ranging back to the 1800s. One thing we do know for sure, plastic shot glasses are one of the most popular items here at Great for any nightclub, bar, private party or (our favorite) poolside!( from tooters ).

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