Free pourer by dozen

  • Same spout and poly cork as our portion control pourers, and available with oversized and supersized (no collar) cork options. This is the world’s most durable free pourer.
  • “World’s Best” Free Pourers, made with the same materials as our portion control pourers.
  • Collar color choices of Red, Clear, Smoke, Neon Red, Neon Blue, Neon Green, or Kelly Green
  • Cork Sizes available:

Oversized: Red cork fits most 1.75, half gallons, and over-sized quarts and liters

Standard: White cork fits all standard litersand quarts.

Supersized: Amber cork fits unusually large necked bottles (i.e. Cuervo 1800).

  • With our cork sizes, we can fit every bottle behind the bar — even hard to fit tequilas and vodkas like Patron, Cuervo
    1800, and Absolut. Specify cork size.


How to Use : ( Source : wikihow )

step 1 : Obtain some measured jiggers of different common sizes and a liquor  bottle with a pour spout. The pour spout must fit very snugly in the liquor bottle and form an airtight seal. The jiggers won't be needed soon, but are needed to learn how to pour the right quantities. The liquor bottle should be filled with water unless you are practicing during a party!

step 2 : Grasp the liquor bottle firmly by the the neck with your index finger over the base of the pour spout. It is very important to hold the liquor bottle properly, otherwise you will not be able to control the pour!

step 3: Deftly lift the bottle up and, in one fluid motion, tilt the bottle over and pour into a cup, then tilt the bottle back to vertical and place it back on the table. While the exact technique will vary, this lets you understand how to pour in a controlled manner. You want to begin pouring all at once directly into the cup, then stop pouring all at once, in one fluid motion. The pour should start readily and flow evenly. If the liquid being poured sputters excessively or does not pour readily or evenly, the pour spout may not fit properly in the bottle. Be sure to angle the spout properly while pouring so that the liquor is poured as evenly as possible and downward.

step 4 : Count while pouring into an empty jigger until it is full. This is the secret that enables you to know exactly how much you are pouring into the glass. Therefore, as soon as you begin pouring, keep an even count, then as soon as the jigger is full, and you stop pouring, stop counting. People may count to three or four for a one ounce jigger, but be sure to establish a specific count for a specific amount. Practice this repeatedly with the one ounce jigger, then with the 3/4 ounce jigger, 1 1/2 ounce jigger, and so forth. You will end up counting less for the smaller jiggers and more for the larger jiggers.

step 5 : Free pour into a glass using the counts established in the previous step, then measure how much you poured using the jiggers. This will enable you to see how close you can get to the desired amount while free pouring. Many people can be essentially exact.


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