Bar Accessories

Plastic Ashtrays by dozen

  • Strong, lightweight, will not blister or scorch
  • Must-have in a bar and restaurant for smokers area
  • Comes in Large- 7 x 11⁄2 in and Small- 41⁄4 x 13⁄4 in size
  • Black color
  • Everybody give a lot of importance to all kinds of accessories they use from their personal wear to their cars to their deco’s at home. In the same way even small things like Cigar ashtrays are something to be given attention to. ( from cigarettesreporter ).
  • These plastic ashtrays keeps your bar tidy and free of ashes and butts. They are stackable for easy storage. These durable and easily washable ashtrays are great for indoor or outdoor use. ( from kegworks ).

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