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Save n Serve Containers

Save n Serve Container is designed with a tapered "oval" neck therefore allowing you to handle it without having to visually check the direction of your pour. Quick, efficient and easy to use! It's neck is textured & shaped for an enhanced grip.

The fantastic 1 litre Save and Serve sealable and reusable bottle includes a highly effective pouring spout. Available in a range of colours and manufactured to a high quality, these brilliant bottles feature a removable pouring spout and a separate sealable lid for storage. ( from barmans )


  • Store and pour bottle (from amazon )
  • Two modes: Pouring or storage(from amazon )
  • Colour coded lid for easy identification(from amazon )
  • Suitable for juices and mixers (from amazon )
  • also called Juice Containers / Condiment Containers


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